Taking Care of #1

Posted by Paula Paine on April 30, 2014 in "Your OU" While "taking care of #1" can be considered selfish and even exploitive, OU-Wisconsin  demonstrated the importance of taking care of yourself first during a special event held on March 27. Alumni, students and staff were invited to a Brian-Patterson.png"Self-Care and Philosophy Refresher"conducted by Licensed Wellness Coach Sandy Tellefson, who is also the assistant registrar for the campus.

Hosted by the OU-Wisconsin Alumni Association, 40 people attended the event (a great turn out considering the Wisconsin Badgers' Sweet 16 game the same night). They learned about stress, its visible and hidden impact, the challenges of stress management and self care, managing anxiety and tension at work and home, and strategies for reenergizing and creating more balance in their lives. Attendees also had the opportunity to network before and after the presentation.

In the spirit of the event, Campus Manager Brian Patterson sported boxing gloves from a local fitness center to demonstrate the important of physical fitness as a component of stress management. Following is a slideshow of the event.