Getting It Right

Posted by Paula Paine on November 12, 2014 in Facebook, OUKC, "Your OU" Every now and then it's nice to know that you're getting it right. Recently, some students took the time to let us know just that via email and Facebook.

This school is fabulous, in more ways than one. I love that they center your learning abilities around Christianity, and that it is a liberal arts college. This gives me great relief knowing, not only will I graduate with a great degree, but I will be well-educated in many areas, not just the field/career I am going into.

Thank you O.U. Hooray!!"
Dana W.


Thank you for checking up on me. Everyone has been so helpful and nice at Ottawa! I absolutely love it!!
I am so glad I made that call the day I did and decided to join Ottawa. I always felt that colleges were getting too "business-like" or everyone just goes to school to party. I wanted something more than that. And I love how thi
s first semester is all about preparing you as a person, which I feel like college should do. I had no idea [Ottawa was] faith based, which I really like too!  So if the transfer advantage program didn't blast my socks off enough, all I'm learning now is too. :)

Thanks again,