OU Theatre Presents "Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson"

Posted by Paula Paine on November 11, 2014 in Andrew, Bloody, Jackson, theatre, "Your OU" Ottawa University Theatre presented the musical “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” on October 23, 24 and 25 in the Larry D. Peters Auditorium on the Ottawa campus.
The musical loosely follows the historical events surrounding the rise of popularity of Andrew Jackson and his ascension to the presidency. The show satirically portrays Jackson as a rock star leader of the frontier who gains popularity through maverick leadership. Along his journey, the show questions Jackson’ historical legacy with the Native Americans and the acquisition of land that now makes up the United States.
According to Director Julie Noonan, “The show is hilarious, raucous, disturbing, and poignant at different points, and sometimes mixed all together at once. This is a show that should make people laugh and think and feel a little disturbed at all of it.”
A talkback session was held in the Peters Auditorium following the Thursday, October 23, performance.

Assistant Director:  Jakub Dingus
Stage Manager:  Jenny Robbs
Andrew Jackson:                  Michael Jones
Rachel Jackson:                    Regan Aeschlimann
Storyteller:                            Sierra Herndon
Martin Van Buren:                Taggart Schmidt
John Calhoun:                       Zachary Harrell
Henry Clay:                           Sebastian Davila
James Monroe:                      Jakub Dingus
John Quincy Adams:             Lane Harris
Black Fox:                             Sebastian Davila
Ten Little Indians Soloist:     Nicole Martin
Nicole Martin
Jessica Babler
Chloe Dickerson
Shannon Nagle
Regan Aeschlimann
Sierra Herndon
Sebastian Davila
Taggart Schmidt
Zachary Harrell
Lane Harris
Johnny Fitzgerald
Aaron Vaughn
Jakub Dingus