Work continues on Dick Peters Sports Complex facility upgrades

Posted by Janae Melvin on April 4, 2017 in Work continues on improvements to the Dick Peters Sports Complex on the campus of Ottawa University thanks to the generosity of donors and the successful Advancing the Vision Capital Campaign. The complex, which is currently home to the baseball and softball facilities, will be enhanced with the addition of tennis courts.

Phase #1 of the new Braves Tennis Complex has broken ground and will include three courts on the upper tier level of an eventual six court complex utilizing a tiered design. For phase #1, three tennis courts are being built on 11th and Mulberry streets and will include spectator viewing areas and walkways. Phase #2 of the tennis court complex will bring the complex to six total courts and will make hosting collegiate matches on campus a reality.

Upgrades to the baseball and softball fields are also underway, with the focus of the project on spectator viewing and accessibility. In addition to improving the spectator experience, softball dugouts are also being replaced with bigger dugouts to better accommodate the softball squad sizes, as well as storage needs. The baseball and softball backstops have been removed and are being replaced with a popular newer design, including 40’ netted backstops placed on 3’ padded walls. Additionally, the backstops are being moved back in and the ground behind them is being graded, providing level ground for seating options and an improved sight line for fans.

The fields will be accessible by paved sidewalks from the new parking lot off 11th street.

The next time you are on campus, be sure to stop by and see the new facility and all the exciting competitions taking place.