Legacy - Fred Zook

Posted by Janae Melvin on April 26, 2018 in

Dr. Fred Zook passed away on November 6. Zook began his career at OU as Dean of Students at the College in Ottawa, hired by Peter Armacost. He served ably and amiably for several years, demonstrating even then a special affection for students and what Ottawa University stands for. He was deeply involved in the community and even served on the City Council and as Mayor for two terms. His interest in the community was widely recognized and was a hallmark of his endeavors in Ottawa and later, in Phoenix, where Zook served as campus provost starting in 1981.
During Zook’s 20-year tenure as provost of Phoenix, enrollments grew from the hundreds to the thousands, breaking records year after year. Almost single handedly, he built OU’s reputation and presence in the Valley of the Sun, a legacy that lives to this day and has helped to undergird our new residential campus there. Now with 40 years of service to adult learners, Phoenix remains our largest student center, something which Zook was rightfully thankful and proud.

Because of these contributions, and his experience in helping to launch online at OU and in contributing greatly to the growth of OU’s international programs, he was asked to serve as Interim President of OU from 2007 to 2008, successfully paving the way for the next president.

Zook leaves behind his wife Connie, daughters Amy (Satterfield) and Megan (Eldridge), son-in-laws Mike and Bobby, and three granddaughters, Madison, Paige and Anna Claire.