OUAZ reaches new audience with E-Sports Call of Duty Tournament

Posted by Janae Melvin on April 26, 2018 in On December 2, OUAZ hosted an e-sports Call of Duty tournament, a unique event for students and community members.What made the event even more successful was that it was proposed and organized by a student.

Emery Johnson, a broadcast communications junior who played e-sports online and in tournaments during high school, created a written proposal to pitch his tournament idea to David Barnes, OUAZ Dean of Student Affairs. Barnes was so impressed, he mentored Johnson while he secured several thousands of dollars of in-kind sponsorships.

“I was very impressed with his written proposal and verbal presentations. Many students have presented ideas to me during my 30 years in higher education and this was among the best student pitches I’ve received,” said Barnes. “Emery has become a pioneering student leader in OUAZ’s inaugural year. We are creating an environment where student interests and capabilities blossom.”

Johnson secured sponsorships with Monster Energy, which attended the event and provided beverages, posters and free gear; BenQ, which provided gaming monitors; and Turtle Beach, which provided headsets for the tournament and donated headsets to the winning team.

Eight teams of four competed in the tournament. OUAZ also offered individuals the opportunity to play FIFA (soccer) and Madden (football) along with Mario Kart for fun during the event.