New Partnership Expands OU's Global Reach

Posted by Janae Melvin on August 9, 2016 in EMBA, international IMG_7642.JPG
The Executive MBA-IT students at the OU-Arizona Phoenix campus in July 2016

As part of the ongoing expansion of the International Studies Program at Ottawa University, the college has entered into a partnership with Howell Management Services (HMS) to assist with recruiting of students at the global level.

Currently, there are 27 students enrolled in the Executive MBA-IT program as a result of this partnership. The students meet at the Arizona campus once a term for an intensive weekend and then return home to continue their employment, which is a required part of the program. In addition, each student must take part in Circular Practical Training, similar to an internship, which many are completing as part of their full-time employment.

While all students live in the United States, the studetns enrolled in the program are from India, China, Nigeria, Spain and Taiwan. This has allowed for the class to benefit from a diverse background of students enhancing both their personal and educational experience.

HMS provides innovative solutions for colleges and universities diversify their student population and establish a global presence. They help students from around the world apply to and enroll in top-tier, accredited academic institutions in the U.S.