Dr. Barbara Dinneen Presented with Class of ’66 Award

Posted by Janae Melvin on August 6, 2018 in English professor Dr. Barbara Dinneen was presented with the Class of ’66 Award during the University’s annual Convocation event on April 12. This award was originally created by the Class of 1966 at its 10-year reunion and is presented annually to honor a faculty or staff member selected by the University Provost and Academic Deans.  

“I am honored and delighted to receive the Class of ’66 Award,” said Dinneen. “It has been a privilege and an energizing challenge to teach for the last two decades here at Ottawa University. I am grateful for this recognition, and for the opportunity to delve more deeply next year into some of my professional and creative aspirations.”

Individuals are chosen for this award by demonstrating a commitment to academic excellence and personal involvement with students. With the honor comes a stipend to be used to further the academic achievements and current or future research opportunities.

“As a result of this award, I hope to deliver a paper concerning the complex intersections of race, baseball, and country music in the career of Charley Pride. I also hope to extend my research and finish drafting my novel, tentatively titled Opus, which focuses on the relationship between a young girl in 1970s Spain and an American professional woman wrestler. My research concerns the organization Opus Dei, a secretive religious organization, of which my young protagonist is an unwilling part.”

OU maintains a Class of ’66 Plaque of Honor with the names of all recipients and a brief summary of the planned development activity.