Purchase a Brick

To commemorate 150 years of Ottawa University history, a new brick walkway has been constructed in the heart of the Ottawa, Kansas, campus.  Join the alumni, parents and friends that have already taken advantage of this unique opportunity to create a legacy for years to come by purchasing commemorative brick.  Your brick will be placed around the unique Fire & Water feature provided by the Ottawa Tribe alongside the bricks that have previously been purchased for the 150th Celebration.

The bricks can be personalized to include your name and message or to honor someone else. They can also be personalized with messages to show your support for Ottawa University. The money raised from this project will go directly to Annual Scholarship Fund.

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Ideas to Commemorate Your Days At OU

  • Remember a loved one
  • Recall a special event or team
  • Pay tribute to a faculty or staff member
  • Express gratitude to a classmate
  • Convey appreciation to parents
  • Recognize a graduate
  • Show respect for a Servant Leader
  • Honor BraveBraves (those who have served in the military)
  • Esteem a pastor, missionary, lay leader
  • Celebrate marrying your OU sweetheart

Whatever your reason, leave a permanent testament of your ongoing support of OU and the Annual Scholarship Fund by purchasing your personalized brick.

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