29 November

Intro Column: A look into Ottawa's economy

Dr. Russell has a biweekly column in the Ottawa Herald, our local newspaper. This is his introduction to the column.

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10 November

Fertility in Decline

How have fertility rates changed over time across the world? What does this mean for future growth and improvement in living conditions?

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03 November

Deregulatory Capture

Do firms prefer more or less regulation? The answer isn't obvious!

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25 October

Banning Benjamins

Could ending the circulation of large bills help deter crime?

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17 October

The Rise of Digital Trade

The internet has brought with it myriad innovations and conveniences to our lives. This transformation molds every aspect of society, including the redefinition of international trade.

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08 October

Unintended Consequences: Cigarette Regulations

The FDA is looking at new regulations on e-cigarettes, which are considered a "gateway drug" to normal cigarette usage. Should regulators restrict e-cigarette usage even though they have been shown to help others quit?

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27 September

Healthcare Regulations That Don't Help

Health care policy continues to be a contentious issue at the national level, but state level policies can have important effects as well.

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17 September

Does Population Growth Make People Poor?

Some commentators allege that population growth in developing countries leads to poverty. Is that true, or do other factors determine the wealth or poverty of nations?

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