Day 12 - December 14, 2017

You will have Peace

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7 

Peace is something we all strive for, yet it seems like people are more stressed and anxious than ever. As a person who has struggled with this, I have learned that one must choose peace. Obviously, God is good and wants us to have peace, but we must understand who we are to accept this peace. It is imperative for us to realize that we are the sons and daughters of the king of kings. As royalty, we are worthy. 

Many anxieties stem from not feeling good enough. It is irrational to believe this because our spiritual father is above everyone, and we are promised a spot in the kingdom of heaven. We are also warriors that are part of an army that knows no defeat. God has never been defeated. How wonderful is it to think that we have an unstoppable force on our side? Not only is he on our side, but he dwells in us and guards our hearts and minds. Instead of walking around with our heads down defeated, we should walk tall with a smile on our face because we know we are good enough. We are more powerful than Satan and his army. When they try to invade our minds with bad thoughts, we can fight back because we have the one being who can defeat him within us. His lies will be ignored because we know who we truly are.

Believe with all you heart that you are the son or daughter of the king of kings, you are a warrior, part of an army that knows no defeat, and you will have peace. Say it out loud. Repeat it over and over again until you know it is true. Today, choose to have peace. 

Dear Heavenly Father—Thank you for blessing us with another beautiful day within this Advent journey. Please let us enjoy this day by opening our eyes to who we really are; the sons and daughters of the king of kings. Help us to realize that we are good enough, and that we will not know defeat because God is within us. Give us the strength to choose peace today. In your son’s name we pray, amen.
submitted by Nicole Brey

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