Day 18 - December 20, 2017

Advent Poem

“And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us, and we saw his glory, the glory as of God’s only Son, full of grace and truth. John 1:14
By Mark Unbehagen 
How does one birth peace. . . 
in a world that seems to prefer the profits of war? 
How can one birth hope. . .
in a time when devastation is born of poverty and pandemic? 
How does one birth love. . . 
in a world whose heart is captive to fear?
How can one birth joy. . . 
How can one birth joy?
The plastic manger scene on the front lawn
just doesn’t do it!
Birthing is so much more!
It is, and requires. . . 
radical intimacy, 
prolonged patience, 
the coming together of pain and ecstasy, 
the joining of our deepest hopes and fears.
Face it, 
birthing is a messy business.
And yet this process occurs every moment of our lives: 
as our bodies birth cell upon cell, 
as our minds birth ideas and dreams into the world, 
as our spirits birth. . .
in the midst of labor and pain. . .
as our spirits birth.. JOY! 
Loving God, During this season of Advent may we be aware anew of the need for us to bring the peace, hope, joy, and love of your Son and our Savior to our broken world. In His name we pray. Amen.
submitted by Jan Lee

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