Day 7 - February 21, 2018

Toward Reflection

Job 28:20

“Where then does wisdom come from?
 Where does understanding dwell?”

The strangest feeling to be lost in your home town! Having just visited a sick friend, I drove a bit in my old home town. My friend’s weakened state worried my mind and I sought the distraction, turning without aim. I ended up where the farms are wide and the cattle few. There was though a pond and geese resting (or staying, I did not know, I was the stranger there). The “country” appealed to me; calm on the cold day at winter’s end. But calm became eerie as I thought, how can I be lost here, just a few turns from the familiar. Yet, I truly struggled to determine which way led home. 

What is familiar slips quickly from us when distraction turns our gaze, and more so when we seek such distraction to numb and quiet our thoughts. There is no limit to the opportunity for distraction in our every day. 

What purpose have you set for your Lenten journey? Have you? What distractions set before you? And which do you turn to? Today, is there one distraction you might name and then walk away from? You are reading this- a choice toward reflection. What will your next success be?

Dear Lord, May we find our ways toward You in little and thoughtful steps. Amen. 
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