2016 Hostetter-DeFries Family Endowed Event

Nov 16, 2016
Featured Speaker - William B. “Bill” Lacy and Barbara Ballard from the Dole Institue of Politics.


2015 Hostetter-DeFries Family Endowed Event

Nov 18-19, 2015
Featured Speaker - John V. Upton, Jr. was elected Executive Director of the Baptist General Association of Virginia during the annual meeting of the General Association in November 2001.

2014 Hostetter-DeFries Family Endowed Event

November 19-20, 2014

Featured Speaker - W. Walter Menninger, MD, known by his peers as Dr. Walt, is a third generation member of one of America's leading medical families. His grandfather, father, and uncle established The Menninger Clinic in 1925 in Topeka, KS. Dr. Walt served as Dean of the Menninger School of Psychiatry, chief of Staff of the Menninger Clinic and finally as president and CEO of Menninger, before retiring in 2001 at age 70.