Suzanne Richins, DHA

Suzanne Richins, DHA

Adjunct Professor in Business

Contact Information

DHA - Medical University of South Carolina
MBA - Utah State University
ADN - Weber State University

Dr. Suzanne Richins is known as an early adopter of technology and innovation. As a senior leader in healthcare, she was one of the first to look at using analytics to structure staffing schedules based on patient arrival acuity to the Emergency Department for her masters’ thesis. The methodology was adopted throughout Intermountain Healthcare and various other well-known healthcare systems. While serving on an American Hospital Association-PMG Board and the Joint Commission Professional and Technical Advisory Committee, she conducted her dissertation on patient satisfaction prior to the adoption of these standards by both of these respected organizations.  Her latest work is in using analytics to predict patient outcomes and improve quality. She also teaches DBA, MBA, DHA, MHA, and DNP students for various universities while conducting her own research projects.  Her first book on healthcare innovation and her second book on emerging technology were published in 2015.
Dr. Richins teaches Strategic Planning and Budgeting and Managing Integration of Health Care Systems Managing Integration of Health Care Systems at Ottawa University.

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