Frank J. Lemp, M.A.

Frank J. Lemp, M.A.

Associate Professor of Art

Contact Information
Office: 785-248-2534

Mr. Lemp’s interest in art started as a child while attending primary school in Klosterneuburg, a city just outside of Vienna, Austria. He remembers being overwhelmed by the Baroque art inside the local cathedral, while patiently standing for mass. An early influence and mentor was Herr Eidenberger, Frank’s grade school art instructor, whom he admired for his magical drawing abilities and enthusiasm. Another influence was Frank’s father, a master blacksmith and skillful craftsman, who seemed to be able to fix and work with any medium to create the most marvelous projects.

As a teenager Mr. Lemp and his family emigrated to New York and he attended high school on Long Island, where his interest in the arts was nurtured by terrific teachers and of course the culture of the New York metropolitan area. Album covers, posters and graffiti probably influenced his aesthetic as much as visits to the MOMA and the Metropolitan.

While in college, Mr. Lemp attempted to integrate all of his influences and to develop a more personal means of expression. He also learned about the Liberal Arts. This approach to education convinced him that it’s best to allow many different materials and experiences to shape one’s artistic work.

Mr. Lemp has made and taught art through the Modern, Post-modern and Meta-modern phases or paradigms. Computer technology has become part of our lives and the arts, which allows us to access the recorded past, preserve the present and project into the future with great ease. Predictably, we now seem to oscillate between eras and styles at a pace that does not seem sustainable, where the cult of personality, hype and the market seem to influence the arts far too much. He believes this gives contemporary art a sense of immediacy but may lack in universality or relevance for the future.

Mr. Lemp hopes his teaching gives students a basis by which to understand these trends and to some degree comment on them. 

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