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LifePlan Narrative


When you graduate from Ottawa University, you're ready for the real world.

The LifePlan Narrative helps you prepare.

Every University has counselors and advisors. Only Ottawa University offers you an advisor process dedicated to preparing you for LIFE. From degree planners to support your entire college experience to career preparation for that first job interview to discovering who you are as a person, your college life advisor is with you the whole way.

Your Advisor will contact you before classes even begin. So when you get here, you know there’s already someone looking out for you!

LifePlan Narrative

Together with your college plan advisor, you’ll craft your LifePlan Narrative – a look at your goals, where you are in life, and where you want to be. You’ll explore all of the following facets of life:

  • Academic and Intellectual
  • Career and Lifestyle
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Identity Formation
  • Health and Wellness
  • Enlightened Faith
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