Academic and Professional

Biology Club

The Ottawa University Biology Club is a student run organization that is focused on enhancement of student growth beyond the classroom. Students come together to learn more about their field of interests, exchange ideas and collaborate on the current topics. As a Christ-inspired University, Biology Club focuses on serving the community throughout building leadership, teamwork and fostering professionalism. Come join us today and start your journey of professional growth and personal enlightenment. 

Business Club

The OUAZ business club will meet regularly to discuss current topics, as well as do activities together. Members of this group will be eligible to receive a scholarship, so contact your enrollment advisor to learn more.

Education Club

The education club is a social organization composed of Education (Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Secondary Education) majors. The Education Club is open to all students interested in teaching. The club is open to freshmen through senior students. The goal of the club is for students to gain an understanding of the field of education, participate in Pre-K through high school-related events and activities, and provide students opportunities to network in the field. Events and activities include collaborations with local schools districts, charter schools, and private schools, and university partnerships. Students in the education club have the opportunity to become a member of Kappa Delta Pi.

Engineering Club

The OUAZ engineering club will meet regularly to discuss current topics amoung engineering, as well as do activities together. Members of this group will be eligible to receive a scholarship, so contact your enrollment advisor to learn more.

Kappa Delta Pi

Kappa Delta Pi (KDP), is an International Honor Society in Education. It fosters excellence in education and promotes fellowship among those dedicated to teaching. KDP supports and advances educators through the phases and levels of their teaching careers. The mission of KDP is to advance quality education by inspiring teachers to prepare all learners for future challenges.  The vision is to provide quality learning for all students. In order to become of member of KDP at the undergraduate level, students must have at least 18 semester hours completed, a cumulative grade-point average of 3.0, and at least 6 semester hours of professional education courses programmed, in progress, or completed.

Psychology Club

The psychology club is a social organization composed of Psychology majors and Ottawa University students who express an interest in the field. Our Psychology Club is under the umbrella of our chapter of Psi Chi and welcomes all students interested in psychology to join, regardless of major, gpa, or standing (freshmen-senior.) This is a way for students who do not yet meet or cannot meet Psi Chi registration requirements to still be part of our organization and partake in membership incentives. The goal of the club is to increase understanding in and application of psychology, facilitate interaction among students, and enrich students' social experiences. Main activities consist of community service events, student governance of the organization, and opportunities to provide education and outreach on mental health issues to the student body.


PsiChi recognizes and promotes excellence in the science and application of psychology. Psi Chi is an international honor society whose purpose shall be to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology. The goals of the society are (1) Scholarly Pursuits:  Encouraging members to conduct exemplary research, disseminate and apply research findings, and maintain a lifelong interest in exploring the field of psychology; (2) Member Development: Providing information and opportunities to enhance members' professional and personal lives; and (3) Chapter Experiences: Fostering a vibrant and meaningful environment for chapters and all members to contribute to and benefit from continued engagement.