Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board plans activities to develop a well-rounded social, educational and multi-cultural environment for Ottawa University Arizona's students, faculty and staff. Activities have included comedy, music, film and cultural programs, as well as activities such as mud and sand volleyball, paintball and trips to various activities and events in the surrounding area.

Intramural Athletics

Intramural athletic activities offer a voluntary program that allows students, regardless of degree or skill, to compete in athletic activities within the school. The program's aim is to not only contribute to the health and fitness of each student, but to develop wholesome recreational skills, constructive attitudes and desirable social relationships. Intramural athletics are recreation by participation. The program organizes activities such as basketball, flag football, volleyball, sand volleyball, whiffle ball, disk golf, racquetball, table tennis, and Frisbee.

Mountain Biking/Hiking

This club organizes trail rides and hikes in the nearby area. Trails may be found within the White Tank Mountains located to the west of campus.