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Health and Safety

For residents’ well-being and protection, the Office of Student Affairs/Experience will be conducting Health and Safety Inspections, a walk-through of common areas and individual rooms to identify and address any health, safety, sanitation or maintenance issues that may be present, once a month. The University has the right to enter a resident’s room to thoroughly inspect the rooms, its furnishings and/or student’s personal possessions for sanitation purposes, to notate or to perform repairs and/or maintenance, and lastly to document violations of University policies. Although not necessary, the Office of Student Affairs/Experience hopes residents will be available during the inspection of their room. If residents have failed an inspection, they will be notified via email by their Resident Director and/or Residence Life staff within 24 hours with any charges that may apply. Residents will be granted 24 hours to communicate with the Office of Stu-dent Affairs if they have concerns or questions pertaining to their charge. You must dispute the charge within five (5) business days. After five (5) business days, the charges are final, and will be sent to OUAR and applied to the student’s account. The University may conduct unannounced inspections at any time as well as utilize community resources during the inspection. Community and University resources may include, but are not limited to, the local law enforcement, drug dogs, University maintenance officials, University administrative officials, University security, etc. Any items removed from a person or room during the search may become the property of the University and disposed of, returned or turned over to the appropriate authorities as necessary. Health and safety issues found during inspections may result in a fee of $50, per person in the room/suite, the first time a room fails. After the first time a room fails a health and safety inspection, the fee will increase by an additional $25 (Example: Two failed health and safety inspections result in a $50 fee; three failed health and safety inspections result in a $100 fee and so on). Any damage found at the time of health and safety inspections may be assessed at the time of the inspection. You will be billed for the cost of repair inclusive of labor and materials.

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