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What to Bring

  • Single Room (2 students)
    • Mini Refrigerator
    • Microwave
    • Dresser
    • Table/chairs
    • TV with cable 
  • Single Room with Living area (3-4 students)
    • Mini Refrigerator
    • Microwave
    • Table(desk)/Chairs
    • TV with cable

  • Renter’s Insurance: Renter’s insurance is strongly recommended, but not required. You have the opportunity to purchase optional renter’s insurance from any agency.
  • Decorations: Personalizing your room is all part of the college experience. Decorate your room with framed pictures of good times and appropriate posters representative of who you are. You may use removable command hooks. You can also bring an alarm clock, and calendar.
  • Bedroom Supplies: Twin XL mattress pad, twin XL sheets, bedspread, pillow, pillowcase, hangers, surge protector, under bed storage
  • Bathroom Supplies: Toilet paper, shower floor mat, towels, cleaning supplies
  • Laundry Supplies:  Hamper, detergent, dryer sheets

  • Heating Sources: We ask that students keep candles, space heaters, toasters and other heated sources at home. Multi-outlet wall units and overloading power strips not permitted. There are approximately 3,800 campus housing fires in the U.S. each year. Let’s free our living areas from risk of fires!
  • Hardware: OUAZ takes pride in its beautiful housing. To prevent wall damage, screws and nails to hang items to the wall are against our policy.
  • Furniture: Space is limited; there is no need for students to bring a couch, futon, kitchen table, loveseat, personal bed/mattress, bed riser/loft kit or TV unit/console. Our living areas are fully furnished and offer plenty of places to lounge.
  • Other: OUAZ is proud to be a safe and dry campus! We do not allow students to bring alcohol or alcohol paraphernalia, firearms or weapons, fireworks, illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia, and mercury-contained items. Students who disobey this requirement are subject to consequences. 

If you have any questions, you should direct them to the Director of Residence Life, Alan Boelter, via phone at 623-233-7611 or by emailing
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