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The Liberal Arts at Ottawa University

At Ottawa University’s residential campus in Ottawa, Kansas, liberal arts education is understood as an integrated discourse that blends focus and breadth, crucially grounded in critical thinking and learning that take place in the classroom, in conversations with professors and peers, and the engagement and interrogation of ideas.

To this end, all students at the Ottawa College campus experience a shared core curriculum consisting of three interdisciplinary seminars, as well as an array of course choices within each of eight breadth areas, and, for first-year students, a one-hour orientation course introducing them to the expectations of academic life.  The eight distribution courses and the three seminars comprise 35-37 credit hours toward graduation.

Liberal Arts Studies Seminars

Three interdisciplinary seminars initiate, extend, and culminate students' liberal arts study.  Writing in the Disciplines, taken in the first year, meets the university's writing competency requirement and introduces students to the habits of mind and conventions of writing within the major disciplines (humanities, sciences, social sciences, and arts).  During their sophomore and junior year, students enroll in one of several interdisciplinary seminars at the 300-level, extending their critical thinking and cross-disciplinary understanding, and, by the end of their senior year, they complete a final capstone interdisciplinary seminar at the 400-level, integrating and evaluating their liberal arts experience.

This immersion in the liberal arts communicates to future employers that OU's graduates, regardless of degree, have nimble minds, willingly wrestle with complex ideas, and can adapt to the demands of a diverse and changing workplace.

For detailed information on our LIberal Arts Studies Seminars, click here for information from our Academic Catalog.