Music Auditions

Music scholarships are awarded based on the student's potential to contribute to the musical ensemble for which they are auditioning. Students are expected to demonstrate satisfactory performance and musicianship skills in the audition through the performance of appropriate repertoire and other audition requirements. The amount of the scholarship awarded is directly proportionate to the student’s level of preparation and the quality of their performance at the time of the audition.

Auditions will be held at the Ottawa University campus, Ottawa, Kansas. There are NO reserved dates for auditions. Individual auditions can be scheduled on any date during which school is in session or on weekends. To schedule an audition date and time, contact:

Jessica Freyermuth
Director of Music Program Outreach


Audition Recommendations

Instrumental: Orchestral Strings, Keyboard, Bass Guitar, Brass, Woodwinds, and Percussion

  • Two (2) short contrasting pieces (solos, excerpts of standard ensemble repertoire, or etudes), should be prepared that demonstrate a.) slow, melodic passages, and b.) faster, more articulated passages.
  • Major Scales in two (2) octaves when possible
  • Sight-reading.


  • Vocalization: You will be lead through a series of vocalization exercises created to demonstrate the range and tonal characteristics of your voice.
  • Performance: If you have a prepared vocal solo (an art song is preferred), please bring it with you to sing. If not, you will be asked to sing a familiar song with the words and music to be provided for you.
  • Sight Singing: One or two very simple eight measure melodies will be given to you at the audition for unaccompanied sight singing. You will be given the first pitch. You can sing the melodies on "lah," "loo," or any sight singing system you choose.
  • Pitch Retention: Repeat four and five note melodic patterns which will be played for you on the piano. Sing on "lah."
  • Rhythmic Identification: A series of rhythmic patterns will be played for you to identify on a printed score.