Music Scholarships

Music scholarships are available to both prospective music majors and non-music majors. Scholarships for students wanting to participate in the University Concert Choir, Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra, or Band. Students are required to audition for a music scholarship (see following) and participate as an enrolled member of the ensemble in which they are receiving the scholarship each semester.

Students must be eligible for admission to Ottawa University. All musicians, regardless of major, are eligible for the full range of music scholarships offered to prospective students.

Scholarship Renewal
Students must meet all requirements as stated in their individual letter of award each semester to renew their scholarship, e.g. enrollment in an appropriate ensemble and appropriate private lessons, if required. Students DO NOT have to be a music major to receive or renew an award.

Students must complete the Application for Music Scholarship.  You may request one from the Department of Music via email at For additional questions, please contact:

Jessica Freyermuth
Director of Music Program Outreach

All students awarded a music scholarship will be asked to respond within two weeks after the award notification as to their intention to accept or decline the award. This is a NON-BINDING response if submitted prior to May 1. After that date, students must declare the acceptance or non acceptance of the scholarship award.