Bachelor of Arts in Human Services

You will learn to help people cope with personal challenges such as poverty, substance abuse, mental health, and relational crisis. Gain abilities in program implementation, client interviewing, data gathering, counseling, consulting, and case management.

Courses will introduce you to policies and programs designed to meet community needs among varied populations. You will think critically about issues of diversity and social equity and analyze the social, legal, political, and governmental forces that influence the delivery of human and social services. You may choose to specialize in advocacy, child and family services, corrections, gerontology, or mental health programs.

Career Opportunities Include

  • Counseling
  • Social work
  • Community outreach
  • Rehabilitation
  • Elder care
  • Government programs

For detailed curriculum and more please visit the University Catalog entry for this program.

Human Services Major Courses

Introduction to Human Services | HUS 20553
Broad overview of the profession of Human Services and the social welfare system. Examines historical developments of human services and social welfare and the knowledge, values and skills required to function in the role of a human services professional. Allows participants to evaluate their strengths as a potential human services professional. Introduces field experience.

The Family | HUS 21253
Explores historical, anthropological and theoretical perspectives of family. Dynamics of family relationships, communication styles and interactions addressed, as well as issues relating to dating, love and friendship, human sexuality, relationships, life styles, divorce, child rearing and other related issues.

Social Policy & The Community | HUS 30253
Effects of social policy on practice; social policy analysis; process of policy formulation as it relates to human services and other social welfare professions.

Skills and Techniques in Human Services I | HUS 40553
Examine systems framework, skills, analysis of issues and current intervention strategies for working with individual clients and groups in diverse social service settings. Develop and enhance interviewing and effective communication skills. Opportunity for observation and participation in direct practice within a social service setting. Awareness of technology and art of human services practice.

Internship: Human Services | HUS 41053 & HUS 42053
Practices and expectations include goal and objective setting, journal writing, site meeting with the on-site supervisor and academic supervisor, on going monitoring, and final formal evaluation.

Senior Comprehensive in Human Services | HUS 49053
Examination or project designed to assess the student's achievement of the goals of his/her major program.

Other Required Courses

Required Courses for Advocacy Emphasis

Required Courses for Children and Families Emphasis

Required Courses for Corrections Emphasis

Required Courses for Gerontology Emphasis

Required Courses for Mental Health Emphasis

For detailed curriculum and more please visit the Course Catalog entryfor this program.

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