Marketing degree overview

Bachelor of Arts in Marketing

By learning to think critically and apply learned principles to marketing strategies, you can prepare to practice marketing in changing and competitive environments. Curriculum in this marketing degree program is flexible, allowing you to gain knowledge in sales, public relations, e-commerce and advertising, as well as international and sports markets. We also offer an online marketing degree program.

About Our B.A. in Marketing

In our marketing degree program, you can gain a strong understanding of how to market a business through Internet and traditional strategic marketing. A marketing degree can prepare you to use tact, good judgment and a high level of creativity, as well as enhance your ability to develop and maintain personal relationships in the workplace.

Career Opportunities in the Marketing Field:

Organizations in the public and private sectors will always have a need for good marketing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the need for marketing management professionals will increase 12% by 2022, with positions including:
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Sales Management
This program is not yet accredited by ACBSP, as a new business program, it cannot be considered for ACBSP accreditation until the program has been in place for at least two years and has graduates.
For detailed curriculum and more please visit the University Catalog entry for this program.

The curriculum of this program consists of 124 credit hours.

Marketing Major Courses

Accounting for Business Operations | ACC 20364
Introduces operating activities of business. Emphasis on using income statements to plan and evaluate the operations of a for-profit entity.

Macroeconomics | ECO 20163
Focuses on inflationary consequences of monetary and fiscal policies designed to eliminate poverty and unemployment, significance of money and government deficits on attainment of goals of high employment and economic growth in a non-inflationary environment and role of the dollar in international trade.

College Algebra | MAT 10643
College Algebra emphasizes problem solving techniques using algebraic concepts. The focus of the course is directed toward exploring how algebra is used in the social and physical sciences. Topics covered include fundamental concepts of algebra, equations, and inequalities, functions and graphs, systems of linear equations, exponential and logarithmic equations, composition and inverse functions.

Microeconomics | ECO 20263
Study of the role of prices in allocating and developing scarce resources to meet the needs and demands of consumers, the impact of the profit motive on business size and efficiency, the economic power of large-scale business firms, the interplay of private and public choice through price controls, business regulation and taxation.

Business Statistics | OAD 30763
Focuses on basic methods of research design and analysis of data including descriptive and inferential statistics. Topics include mean, median, mode, frequency distribution, range standard, deviation, probabilities of sampling selection, Z-value, T-value, regression and correlation, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance and Chi-square analysis.

Business Ethics | OAD 31664
Introduces development of personal and group norms required for work places. Topics include moral reasoning in business, employee rights and responsibilities of corporations.

Business Law | OAD 31063
Introduces American legal system as it relates to business. Includes contracts, commercial paper, sales,
agency, and property.

Management | OAD 30563
Discusses process for managing organizations including planning, organizing, leading, and evaluating. Examines administrative role in organizations and concepts relevant to its function and historical development of administrative thought.

Marketing | OAD 31863
Analysis of consumer behavior and configuration of target markets. Emphasis on of organization activities designed to satisfy target market planning, pricing, promotion, and distribution of the product or service.

Organizational Communication | COM 30363
Theory and practice of communication within organizations including interpersonal factors, motivation, change and conflict resolution and communication audit practices and procedures.
Participate in communication audit of a local organization.

Marketing Research | OAD 41264
Introduction to marketing research. Covers gathering information needed to solve marketing problems, problem identification, data analysis and interpretation and reporting research results.

Consumer Behavior | OAD 41364
Behavioral science approach to analyzing, predicting and studying consumer purchasing behavior. Links consumer behavior to marketing research and decision-making.

Strategic Marketing | OAD 49700
Capstone course that guides students in the integration of functional content areas in the field of marketing.  Addresses marketing issues and applies marketing theories and techniques to problems and cases through a process of strategic decision-making.

Electives (select four courses from the following):

For detailed curriculum and more please visit the Course Catalog entryfor this program.

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