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Upon admission to Ottawa University, you are automatically considered for institutional scholarships. You must be a full-time student to be eligible for the following scholarships and awards.

Contact your Enrollment Advisor or call 785-248-2371 for more information about any of these scholarships.

Academic Scholarships

Each admitted student is considered for an academic scholarship based on Grade Point Average (GPA) and ACT/SAT scores for freshmen and cumulative college GPA for transfer students.  Academic scholarships are renewable based on cumulative Ottawa University GPA.

Among the scholarships available at Ottawa University, there are two competitive awards detailed below. For further information about available scholarships, please contact an Enrollment Advisor.

Presidential Scholarship - Competitive scholarship awarded to selected first-year students who seek to be agents of change in their college careers and beyond. The award amount will be up to the full cost of tuition each academic year for up to four years.

Provost Scholarship - Competitive scholarship awarded to selected first-year students who seek to be agents of change in their college careers and beyond. The award amount will be up to three-quarter’s of the cost of tuition per academic year for up to four years.

Franklin County High Achiever Scholarship - Competitive scholarship awarded to select graduates from a Franklin County (KS) High School who demonstrates academic achievement and community service. The award amount will be up to the full tuition cost per academic year for up to four years.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Scholarship - This half-tuition scholarship is awarded to members of Phi Theta Kappa who are in good academic standing. The award is renewable for two additional consecutive years. Proof of membership is required.


Activity Awards

Ottawa University’s activity awards are available to students who have demonstrated significant skill or potential in an extra-curricular or co-curricular activity.  A student may receive only one activity award, although they are encouraged to participate in other activities, if they wish.  Amounts vary and continued participation in the activity is required to keep the award.

Athletic Scholarships - Student-athletes seeking athletic activity awards at Ottawa University should contact the Admissions Office to learn more.

Non-Athletic Scholarships - Students seeking non-athletic activity awards at Ottawa University should contact the Admissions Office to learn more.

Ottawa University Awards

Contact an Enrollment Advisor to learn more, including the amount of these awards.

Ottawa Indian Award - Awarded to admitted members of the Ottawa Indian Tribe of Oklahoma.  Documentation of tribal membership must be submitted and verified by the tribal office.  Students will receive full tuition, regular fees, and room and board (if residing on campus).  Contact an Enrollment Advisor for more details.

The following awards may be added to other academic scholarship, activity award or Ottawa University grant for which the student is eligible.

Alumni Award - Awarded to children or grandchildren of Ottawa University graduates.

Sibling Award - Awarded to concurrently enrolled siblings attending Ottawa University; retained if sibling graduates.

American Baptist Church Award - Awarded to students who are active members of a church that is a member of the American Baptist Churches of the USA denomination.  Requires a completed evaluation from the pastor or church official.

Regional American Baptist Church Award - Awarded to active members of American Baptist Churches of the Central Region (Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas) or Rocky Mountain Region (Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Eastern Utah). Students may receive this award in addition to the American Baptist Church award.

Franklin County Award - Awarded to students who graduated from a Franklin County, Kansas, high school and reside on-campus at Ottawa University (limited availability).

Project Lead the Way

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is the nation's leading provider of K-12 STEM programs. PLTW's world-class, activity-, project- and problem-based curriculum and high quality teacher professional dveleopment, combined with an engaged network of educators and corporate partners, help students develop the skills they need to be successful in post-secondary education and beyond.

Ottawa University is committed to preparing tomorrow's leaders for lives of significance. For that reason, The College is offering a scholarship designed specifically for high school seniors who have taken a course from, or completed the PLTW curriculum.

Scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000. Please contact the Admissions Office or your Enrollment Advisor for additional details or to recommend a student.

Scholars Program

Ottawa University announces its prestigious Scholars Program competition. A select group of students will be invited to compete for the awarding of the Presidential (full-tuition), Provost (80% tuition) and Dean (60% tuition) Scholarships.

The competition consists of an advanced portfolio submission and judging, followed by the on-campus elements of writing of an essay and interviews with Ottawa University’s president, administrators, faculty, and students.

Scholars Program Competition

To be considered to compete in this elite competition, high school seniors must have:

  • a minimum ACT composite score of 24, AND
  • be in the top third of their graduating class OR
  • a minimum cumulative high school GPA of 3.5 (out of 4.0).

The competition begins with the submission of a portfolios which shall include:

  • official high school transcript that details graded coursework through the end of 2018, including in-progress coursework for the high school senior year;
  • single-page outline of extra-curricular activities that includes years and level(s) of involvement;
  • list of honors, awards and recognitions received;
  • two (2) letters of reference; and
    • one (1) from a high school official, teacher, activity director, etc. that addresses your excellence in academics, intellectual and creative work, involvement in your high school community
    • one (1) from an individual that addresses your civic involvement;
  • maximum of three (3) different graded samples of work that efficiently displays intellectual range and depth (i.e. a live recorded fine arts performance, graded artistic expression, graded writing sample, graded exam, etc.).

Based upon an evaluation of the portfolios, selected students will advance to the final round of competition.

Scholars Program Details


Deadlines for entering the OUKS Scholars Program Competition are as follows:

  • Portfolio Submission — Friday, January 18, 2019
  • Competition Day — Saturday, March 2, 2019

Notification of Membership

Competitors will be notified via phone no later than the end of business on the Monday following the competition. Award and acceptance letters will be mailed out and recipients will have seven (7) calendar days from the date of notification to accept the offer or the scholarship offer will be revoked. Deadline date for acceptance will be included on the mailed letter for easy reference.


Scholar Program Member Requirements

In order to maintain scholarship and status within the OUKS Scholars Program members are required to:

  • reside in University housing;
  • earn a minimum of 30 semester credit hours each academic year;
  • maintain a cumulative GPA above 3.0;
  • impact the OUKS student body in a positive manner through active participation in student organizations;
  • assist University administration in activities, such as recruitment, planning, guest speaker/conference events, Board of Trustee meetings, fundraising, community and alumni relations, etc.;
  • produce an annually published work with other OUKS Scholars Program members;
  • attend a special summer course to meet the assigned OUKS Scholars Program professional mentor, as well as other members of the OUKS Scholars Program;
  • work closely with an assigned OUKS Scholars Program professional mentor to complete the experiential learning component and academic tutoring equivalent to approxiately fifteen (15) hours per week;
  • represent self and the University in a positive manner at all times; and
  • remain in good standing with the Office of Student Affairs.


OUKS Scholar Program Member

As a member of the OUKS Scholar Program, students will be challenged in a variety of academic areas throughout their membership. Scholars will interact with all levels of the OUKS Scholar Program structure and are expected to participate in Scholar activities and events above any other commitments, both on- and off-campus.


The scholar will:

  • work alongside assigned professional staff member for experiential learning and tutoring for up to 15 hours weekly;
  • attend and assist with a miriad of events and conferences held on- and off-campus (e.g. alumni events, scholarship competitions, fundraising, etc.);
  • participate in regular colloquia events;
  • attend the annual educational excursion as coordinated by the OUKS President and Scholar Program Coordinator; and
  • create academic work for inclusion in the annual social issues publication.


Ottawa University Mission

Building on its foundation as a Christ-inspired community of grace and open inquiry, Ottawa University prepares professional and liberal arts graduates for lifetimes of personal significance, vocational fulfillment, and service to God and humanity.


Ottawa University Vision

By 2020, Ottawa University will be positioned as a distinctive and rapidly expanding institution known for its innovative educational models, exceptional value, and special ability to prepare diverse student populations for lifetimes of enlightened faith, exemplary service, inspired leadership, and personal significance.


OUKS Scholars Program Gala

Alumni of the OUKS Scholars Program will officially welcome new members through this special fundraising gala event. New members and their families will be invited to attend, alongside alumni and friends to celebrate and install new members.


The event will be held annually in early September on the OUKS campus.


Annual Academic Publication

This annual publication, The Journal of Inquiry and Intellectual Engagement: a publication of OUKS Scholars, will consist of research-based writing by individual scholars. These works will be academic in nature and interest, passion or program-based.


The writing process will be conducted throughout the year with the goal of distribution by Commencement annually. Detailed timelines will be distributed each year.


Academic Tutoring

All OUKS Scholars will work with the AdaweLifePlan Center to provide tutoring services to fellow students as needed. This requirement will be coordinated with the Scholar's professional mentor.

Outside Scholarships

These resources can help you apply for scholarships.

These links are provided as resources for you and will take you to outside websites. Ottawa University is not affiliated with any of the websites listed and is not responsible for content accuracy.

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