Yes. All full-time students who do not have senior standing (at least 92 semester credit hours), who are single, under 21 years of age, without dependent children, and not living with a parent or legal guardian who lives within one-hour of OU-Ottawa must live in a campus residence hall and participate in the student meal plan. Living on-campus provides students with an opportunity to make friendships with people from many places. This is an important part of the college experience. Living within the residence halls also allows students the convenience of utilizing the services provided. Students must request and complete an off campus application and the "Parent Verification Form" if commuting from the parents' or legal guardians' home. Transfer students who meet age and/or semester credit hour requirements to live off campus may request an off campus housing application from the Office of Student Affairs after filling out the standard housing preference form.
Updated housing costs can be found on our Tutions and Fees page and are also included as part of our Cost Estimator.
Assignments are made in the order of the date that we receive the contract and deposit. The earlier a student contracts for housing and pays the $150 deposit, the greater their chances of being assigned to the residence hall of their preference.
New students can get involved in a variety of ways. Resident assistants are a good starting place to getting advice on how to become active. Each RA has good resource information that can help point students in the right direction. There are plenty of opportunities on-campus to get involved.
Resident assistants are student leaders who are ready, willing and able to be resources to their peers. We select them each spring and they receive training in the fall and throughout the year. Our resident directors (RD) are full-time professional staff members who are readily available to assist students, as well as RAs with a multitude of concerns. Each residence hall has two (2) RAs on each floor and a full-time live-in RD.
Laundry facilities are available in each of the residence halls. Martin Hall has one laundry facility, which is located on the lower level of the building. In Bennett and Brown Halls, laundry facilities are located on each floor.

It costs $1.50 to wash and $1.50 to dry and funds can be added to your Braves Card to eliminate the need to get quarters. Students must bring their own HE laundry detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets.
Students need to bring sheets, pillows, pillowcases, and blankets to accommodate an extra long twin mattress. Regular twin sheets will work, but they will be snug.


You may find it helpful to check out our partner, Our Campus Market (OCM), website. You can purchase bedding, as well as additional blankets, pillows, mattress pad, egg crate pad, towels, hampers and more. The best part—everything will be shipped directly to campus.

When you arrive on campus, your package will be waiting in your room. That’s one less thing to worry about packing—and it gives you the chance to coordinate (perfectly) with your roommate(s), if you choose to.
They offer a wide variety of options, so be sure to go online and check it out at
A limited number of single rooms are available. Returning upper-class students usually receive these rooms. If a student decides he or she is interested in a single room during the academic year, he or she must fill out a room change request form and indicate a single room preference. These forms can be picked up in the Office of Student Affairs. Single rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Room changes can be made during room change week (approximately 2 weeks after the 1st day of school) after the halls open. Visit the hall's Resident Director (RD) to find out about the room change process.
Residents may NOT have:
  • halogen lamps
  • hotplates
  • candles/other incendiary items (including candle warmers/burners)
Students may contact the Student Life Office if they are unsure if an appliance is allowed.

Other items that are not allowed in the residence halls include:
  • painting and/or loft construction
  • pornographic posters or images
  • alcohol beverage bottles, cans, and containers (either full or empty)
  • any posters placed on the inside of doors
  • elevating floors
  • additional wiring for electrical equipment or lighting effects
  • construction and decoration that obstructs a 90-degree swing of the room entrance door
  • construction and decoration that obstructs the air circulation of the heating/cooling unit
  • furniture obstructing full view of room from entrance door
  • furniture from lounges or lobbies; as well as
  • foam-backed carpet and rugs, or adhesives on the floor.
We assign rooms based upon the preferences indicated on the housing preference form. We make assignments on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Yes, each residence hall contains a shared community kitchen area. Kitchens include counter space, a range/oven, a sink, and a microwave.
No problem! Computer labs are also in the academic buildings open for student use on a daily basis in the Vera Wise Technology Center and in Myers Library.