Education PreK-12 Licensure degree overview

Minor in Education PreK-12 Licensure

You will develop the knowledge, social competencies, methods, communication skills, and sensitivity to be effective in the elementary school environment. Complete methods courses, professional education courses, and field experiences/observations. You will also develop critical thinking skills and an awareness of cultural diversity and the social and political contexts of education.

Elementary Education majors must also demonstrate ability in liberal arts areas including mathematics, science, writing, communication, and the fine arts.

The education major is based on state, regional, and national licensure criteria and testing competencies. The Ottawa University teacher education programs are state approved in Kansas and accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).
For detailed curriculum and more please visit the University Catalog entry for this program.

Elementary Education Major Courses

Required Courses
  • EDU 30731 The Teaching Profession I
  • EDU 31132 The Exceptional Child
  • EDU 31233 Educational Psychology
  • EDU 33035 Foundations of Schools in a Diverse Society
  • EDU 40632 Managing the Educational Environment
  • EDU 20033 Integrating the Fine Arts
  • EDU 30030 Elementary Math Methods
  • EDU 30031 Elementary Math Methods & Practicum
  • EDU 33000 Elementary Language Arts and Social Studies Methods
  • EDU 33132 Elementary Science Methods
  • EDU 33136 Elementary Primary Reading Methods & Practicum
  • EDU 33236 Elementary Intermediate Reading Methods & Practicum
  • PED 30933 Health/Physical Education Methods for Elementary Classroom Teachers
  • EDU 44033 SEI Methods for ELL II
  • EDU 49001 Elementary Student Teaching I
  • EDU 49002 Elementary Student Teaching II

State-Specific Requirements

20-hour area of emphasis also required. Examples: Social Studies, Science, Mathematics or Language Arts

For detailed curriculum and more please visit the Course Catalog entryfor this program.

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