Campus Ministries

Braving Discipleship

Braving Discipleship is a weekend conference for high school students and youth pastors from Kansas and surrounding states. OU students are instrumental in planning and administrating this Christian conference. During the conference, OU students have ample opportunities to lead committees and small-group workshops within this Christian-based ministry.

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Surge is a group of volunteer students who form a traveling ministry team. The group spends several weekends each semester performing skits and participating in lock-ins and conferences all across the state. This group is perfect for students wishing to evangelize through drama, music and testimonies.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes reaches out to student-athletes by sponsoring activities. Representatives from each athletic team lead the group's weekly meetings. Meetings generally include discussions and feature pizza and soda - a break from the athletes' usual diets.

Mission Trips

Each year Campus Ministries plans a spring break mission trip, usually in conjunction with the Religious Life Council. The trips are student led and student organized. Students have traveled to Chicago, Pennsylvania and Mississippi to work in the inner city. All Ottawa University students are welcome to participate in these mission trips.

Summer Camp Ministry

Each summer Ottawa University sends a summer camp ministry team to various American Baptist summer camps around the Midwest. Teams have visited six camps in Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, and Colorado. Summer camp teams attend a three-day training session that emphasizes all aspects of summer camp ministry. Students learn how to lead small group Bible studies, music, craft activities, games, and devotionals. Students also conduct team-building activities during their training and during the summer camps.