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Personal Growth Day Workshop Selection


There are multiple workshop options available each week. Offering change to give students the opportunity to learn and grow in a variety of areas throughout their enrollment at Ottawa University. Presenters are comprised of faculty and staff, as well as experts and partners outside of the Ottawa University community.

The current sessions available for Wednesday, February 16, 2022 include:

Rewriting the Script

PRESENTER: Dr. Darrell Phillips
We talk to ourselves every minute of every day. Learn how to re-write what you say to yourself using the A-B-C-D-Es to enhance all your conversations.

Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

PRESENTER: Dr. Pilar Galiana Abal
Description to come.

Body Image

PRESENTERS: Angela Mitchell
Diet culture can make it hard to make peace with ourselves. You don’t have to beat yourself up for struggling with your body. In conjunction with National Eating Disorder awareness week, this session focuses on building back self-respect and healthy body image one day at a time.

Understanding Your Credit Score

PRESENTER: Wessley Burns
Learn the importance of your credit score, and how it affects various aspects of your life. Learn about the ways to increase it and make it grow while in college!.

Employer Panel: What We Look for in the Resume and Interview
PRESENTER: Christy Currier

Do you wonder what could cause your resume to end up in the trash...or what you could say or do to cause your interview to tank? Learn first-hand by listening to a panel of employers share the do's and don'ts of resumes and the interview process. Bring your questions! These local employers want to help you succeed!

Find Your Why
PRESENTERS: Katie Sowers

We will talk about the realities of life and the weight one can feel as they navigate their journey that often takes a path unplanned and unknown. I will dig into the importance of finding your why on one’s road to success. 

Who is Uncle Sam? Why do I have to Give Him My Money?
PRESENTER: Dr. Marylou DeWald

The Robert N. “Bob” Bundy Accounting and Finance Program is happy to provide an answer to those questions and others in this practical session about preparing your individual tax return. Dr. Marylou Dewald, Professor of Business Administration and Dean of the Angell Snyder School of Business, will provide step-by-step instruction to preparing your own tax return or guidance as to when it’s best left to the professionals! Come learn about who needs to file a return, what forms are required, where to get help, etc. Dr. Marylou has plenty of practical advice on tax software options, record-keeping rules and more, but no, she will not prepare your return for you!



Registration is open! A new form for the upcoming week will become available after the completion of the sessions listed above and an email will be sent to OU student emails when new session registrations and descriptions are posted.

If you have registered, you will be contacted directly with confirmation of your session and the designated location at which it will meet.

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