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Master of Arts in Elementary Education KS (non-licensure) | Graduate Degree Program

Master of Arts in Elementary Education KS (non-licensure)


The Master of Arts in Education - Elementary Education (non-licensure) program is available Fall 2020

This program provides the skills and knowledge necessary to:

► Construct opportunities for multiage learning environments
► Develop engaging intensive intervention strategies and aspects of makerspaces
► Acquire life balance skills for health and wellness of educators and students
► Learn how to effectively prepare learning engagement for the online and remote classroom, including universal design, interdisciplinary sessions, gaming activities, and virtual environments
► Apply systemic practice and theory in the classroom and with professional learning teams
► Create assessments to determine learning accountability
► Enhance learning strategies and professional skills for ELL/ELA instruction, the science of reading, exploring STEAM and creativity, and guiding students with special needs

This program provides the structured framework for augmenting knowledge and skills for teaching and learning in the K-8 environment. This degree is available for students who desire to increase their content, pedagogical, and professional knowledge through application of skill and current research. Students will develop a clear understanding of all K-8 student learning needs, as well as create enriched framework for the classroom learning community. The degree is designed to obtain skill sets to work in professional continuing education settings, becoming an accomplished educator, assist in preparing new teachers, and/or work towards achieving Elementary National Board Certification (NBCT).

Education and Qualifications
The traditional route to becoming a public school teacher involves completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a teacher education program and then obtaining a certificate/license in a specific state. Those who have a college degree in other fields may meet state guidelines by completing a teacher certification/licensure program. For supervisory or other advanced education positions, a master’s degree may be required.

MAED Elementary Education Program Sheet


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