Inductee Details

Minnie Maude Macaulay

Graduation Year: 1922
Induction Class of 1995
Sports: Women's Sports
Minnie Maude Macaulay
Minnie Maude Macaulay served at Ottawa University as Dean of Women. She was an instructor in health and physical education for women, coached women’s basketball, taught swimming to men and women, and directed the women’s athletic department from 1925-26 to 1941-42. Macaulay graduated from Ottawa University in 1922. She went on to teach for three years at Kiowa High School in Kiowa, Kan.

After coming back to OU, she founded the Women’s Athletic Association which allowed OU to compete against Emporia State University, Washburn University, and the University of Kansas. The purpose of the WAA was to promote interest and participation in the varied activities of the organization, and to encourage sportsmanlike conduct and good fellowship. Macaulay taught the women at Ottawa University a variety of competitive sports including field hockey, volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, paddle tennis, soccer, track, gymnastics, folk dancing and fencing to name just a few. She earned her second undergraduate degree from OU in 1928.

During the summers, Macaulay was a camp counselor at Camp Miniwanca, in Muskegon, Mich. As a staff member, Macaulay was director of athletics.

After leaving OU, Macaulay went to Berea, Ky. and taught at Berea College for several years. She was cited for professional achievement in the state and national programs, and for leadership by Governor Edward T. Breathitt of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.