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Economics  Concentration | Undergraduate Degree Program

Economics Concentration


This concentration highlights the decision making of people in a business—entrepreneurs, managers, employees, executives, shareholders, etc.—as well as the impact of those decisions on society. Within this major, you can customize an economics concentration to your preferences and skill. As a graduate, you will have critical thinking skills well rounded in the liberal arts tradition to be successful in providing solutions to problems found in business and life. These skills will include the ability to analyze existing systems or institutions, find economic data and other existing knowledge to apply it to a problem and then form recommendations to enhance efficiency and/or equity. Oral and written communication skills coupled with the economic way of thinking will provide you with the necessary skills to enter the real world with confidence to be excellent at what you do for yourself, your family, community and society.

Economics Concentration Courses

A concentration consists of a minimum of four courses, of which at least 12 semester credits must be upper division. See the course catalog for more information regarding concentrations.
Select at least four of the following courses:

  • Intermediate Microeconomics*
  • Money and Banking
  • Spatial Economics
  • Entrepreneurial Economics
  • Investment Finance
  • International Economics

*Required Course

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