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Thank you for your interest in employment with Ottawa University. We offer many rewarding opportunities for employment in educational settings across the United States. The University hires full-time, part-time and temporary employees for varying positions including faculty, support staff, administrative staff, facilities personnel, coaches, as well as adjunct instructors and offers an attractive benefit package to eligible positions.

Job Postings

Please follow the link below to see open Ottawa University job positions and to APPLY for any position which is a strong match to your experience and background.


Adjunct Resources

If you are interested to teach, opportunities are available, in all academic disciplines, for teaching as an Adjunct Instructor.

The University employs individuals dedicated to providing service and support to hiring, onboarding, and providing ongoing assistance to adjunct instructors who are hired to teach on a per course basis.

Each academic term presents the opportunity and need for hiring new or existing adjunct instructors. If you are interested to teach in this capacity, please follow the link below to apply for an Adjunct Instruction position, in the program and location of your choice.

Learn more about current Adjunct Instructor opportunities

Minimum Requirements for Teaching as an Adjunct Instructor.
Additional requirements may apply by position.

  • Master's Degree in teaching discipline
  • Academic and professional teaching experience within the teaching content area

Graduate Assistantships

The Graduate Assistantship program is a University-wide program serving both Residential Campuses (Surprise, Arizona and Ottawa, Kansas). This program is overseen by the University Administration (University Provost and Human Resources) and is administered by our Adult & Online programs; and in University Administrative Departments.

Graduate Assistants (GA’s) are classifed as employees and graduate students of Ottawa University and are identified in one of three program categories:

  1. Academic
  2. Athletic (coaches only)
  3. Administrative

Within each category, the GA is hired to supplement the workforce because of their professional knowledge and applicable talent within a given field. The GA will work within this professional field (in a part-time role) while also obtaining a graduate degree from Ottawa University.

Learn more about current Graduate Assistant opportunities


Thank you for your interest in connecting with Ottawa University students.

Our mission is to prepare students for lives of significance. We strive to provide an individualized approach to the career development and support of students, so they may be better prepared to identify a future career in the field which is a strong match for them.

This is done through a developmental process, which is part of the academic curriculum and occurs as a part of the total college experience. Student assess personal interests, skills and values; learn more about career opportunities through research, programs, job shadow experiences, internship opportunities; and then ultimately identify a career which is a strong match for them.

Recruiting at Ottawa

The Career Development office provides opportunity to connect employers with students.

If you would like to make your job or internship opportunity available to our students, you may do so by sending your job posting to . Your position will be made available to University students on their student portal (Please be sure to include the following details in your posting: Company Name, Job Name, Summary of Job responsibilities, Professional Requirements for the job, who to contact or How to Apply if interested in the job, date job is available, company website, and any other details essential to the job. Please also include how long you wish for the job to be posted).

If you are interested in developing an ongoing relationship with Ottawa University through an Internship and/or Job Shadow program; please let us know so we may contact you.

If you would like to talk with someone in the Career Services office, please send an email to Christy Currier at or call 785-248-2562. We look forward to a building a professional relationship which will be mutually beneficial to your organization and our students.

Ottawa University celebrates and prizes the diversity of its students, faculty, staff and Board of Trustees. In keeping with its Mission Statement, the University is called to actively foster an environment of awareness, appreciation, and intentional inclusivity. We are particularly interested in receiving applications from members of underrepresented groups and strongly encourage them to apply.

Ottawa University is committed to equal employment opportunity and does not unlawfully discriminate in recruitment or employment on the basis of race, age, sex, color, religion, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, ethnicity, family and marital status, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by law.

Career Services

Career Development and Placement

We are available to provide service and assistance to you in your CAREER JOURNEY!

We offer a career program targeted to individually assist students, alums, as well as other member of the OU community. We strive to provide support, direction, guidance, and access to tools and information which will prepare, redirect and assist you no matter what career need you are experiencing.

Whether you are a first year student just beginning your journey, or a veteran professional in the midst of a professional life change; our programs and services are available to and for you.

Areas of services include:

  • Personal and career assessment, guidance, and resource connections through our online support system, the Kansas Career Pipeline Kuder® Journey(
  • Career services for jobs in athletics (Athlete Network)
  • Career conversations and counseling
  • Resume writing critique and support
  • Interview guidance and experience
  • Job Shadow connections and experiences
  • Assistance finding internships
  • Workshops/Seminars
  • Job fairs
  • Job vacancy listings (on/off-campus, part-time, full-time and summer-only jobs) are available on the Student – portal
  • Graduate school information/application tips
  • and much more!

We encourage you to login to the Kansas Career Pipeline Journey website using these instructions. Access to the site is available to all Ottawa University constituencies so login and jumpstart your journey!

For support and assistance through the Career Services Department, contact or by phone at 785-248-2562.

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