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Course Schedule

Course Schedule

Our schedule of courses provides a year at a glance view to help determine the availability of all Ottawa University courses. This is extremely helpful for students to be aware of when registering for classes. OU's online and evening programs are set on eight-week terms, with six terms offered per year. This schedule allows you the flexibility to take courses at your pace, which gives you the option to take one or more courses per term. Remember, your academic advisor is just a phone call away should you have any questions about any course requirements for your graduation plan.

Course Prefixes

The following course prefixes are provided below to assist with the navigation of our schedule of undergraduate and graduate classes. Click on any of the options below to find detailed course descriptions within these fields of study. All course descriptions are maintained by the Registrar’s Office.

Undergraduate Courses

Graduate Courses

Upper and Lower Division Courses

Upper-level courses require a substantial amount of previously mastered content. The material offered in upper-level courses traditionally builds upon content from entry-level or foundational curriculum. For example, if a course provides the basic or elementary elements of a particular discipline, that course would most traditionally be lower level; however, if the course builds on content and information from its own discipline or multiple courses within various disciplines, it is often considered an upper-level course at the undergraduate level. In most cases, lower-level courses provide foundational elements, while upper-level courses are more strategic and complex.

The University reserves the right to change, modify, or alter, without notice, all course and program offerings, schedules, graduation requirements, policies, tuition, fees, charges of any kind, or any other information contained in the course schedule, catalog, handbook, or other printed materials at their sole discretion. Students should assume the responsibility of consulting the appropriate academic unit or adviser for specific information.

Contact an enrollment advisor to request more information about any of our programs.

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