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Arizona Capital Campaign

OUAZ Campus

Advancing the Experience, Arizona Capital Campaign

A Historic Opportunity to Prepare Young People for Life While Transforming a City and Region

The birth of Ottawa University Arizona in Surprise engages and emboldens the mind and human spirit, bringing a new wave of educational innovation, economic development, and opportunity to Surprise, the West Valley, and the Phoenix metropolitan region. Following six years of planning, OUAZ was publicly announced on February 17, 2017. With the vision and execution of Chancellor Kevin Eichner, unanimous approval of Ottawa’s Board of Trustees, a strong alliance with the City of Surprise, and a $3,500,000 donation to start this effort in advance of tuition revenue, the initial team members were hired. Work then began in earnest to recruit the initial student body that began in fall 2017. First and second year enrollments exceeded expectations and are nearing 700 students in the middle of year two. Operating in a dynamic environment, the team of pioneers has served students well within its one building, first athletic field, rented and borrowed spaces.

The silent phase of Advancing the Experience Arizona led to several foundational gifts. Buoyed by the largest gift in University history of $6,000,000 in December of 2018, additional Campaign gifts of $2,700,000, and infrastructure collaboration agreements with the City of Surprise, needed facilities are now coming out of the ground, while the team continues to strengthen programs and student services. New buildings currently under construction include the O’Dell Center for Athletics, the first Residence Hall, and the Student Union. Prospective student interest is continuing to gain steam as OUAZ reaches toward its objective of 3,000 students by 2027.

These efforts are centered on the University’s mission statement: Building on its foundation as a Christ-inspired community of grace and open inquiry, Ottawa University prepares professional and liberal arts graduates for lifetimes of personal significance, vocational fulfillment, and service to God and humanity.

Advancing the Experience Arizona is a three-year Campaign aimed at raising $12,500,000, of which $8,700,000, roughly 70%, has been raised during the quiet phase. Going into the public phase of the Campaign, we are looking for people and organizations to join with us in this great vision to prepare young people for life, while having a positive impact on the City of Surprise, the West Valley, and the Phoenix metropolitan area.

The OUAZ 1000

Members of The OUAZ 1000 are unwavering in commitment to the mission and purposes of Ottawa University, the transformative impact of OUAZ’s innovative educational model and the economic development and opportunity it brings to the City of Surprise, the West Valley, and the Phoenix metropolitan region. These leaders understand that the establishment of a strong philanthropic culture strengthens OUAZ’s base of support, so that OUAZ can be a perpetually strong catalyst that is preparing students for lifetimes of significance, vocational fulfillment, and service to God and humanity.

To build this culture and lay the cornerstone, founding OUAZ 1000 members contributed $1,000 or more prior to June 30, 2019 as part of the Advancing the Experience – Arizona Capital Campaign, desire to provide annual commitments of $1,000 or more, and pledge to invite additional leaders into the OUAZ 1000 family.

OUAZ Union

The OUAZ Union was completed in October of 2019. The U houses the Dining complex, with indoor and outdoor seating, conference rooms, study rooms, offices, areas to rest, play, and more!

O’Dell Center

The three-story O’Dell Center houses locker rooms, training facilities, faculty and coaches’ offices, student support services, and laboratory classrooms for biology, chemistry, and engineering. The Center is adjacent to the new Spirit multi-sport athletic field, near the Surprise Civic Center and Recreation Campus, and includes a new press box and entertainment area.

Within the O'Dell Center, Faith Arena will house three basketball and volleyball courts, one also designed for large gatherings, such as Spirit Life, and concerts.  A Fitness Center which includes an indoor walking track, training equipment, and two exercise studios is also included within the facility.


Ottawa graduates will be equipped with the skills to work with individuals in a variety of departments and fields. These skills allow students to make an immediate impact by solving the future technical challenges of the world, while considering societal elements such as cultural and environmental differences and more. Students are taught technical skills to excel in their engineering career, in addition to non-technical skills such as interpersonal communication, oral presentations, writing, and group work.

The program offers students a number of unique opportunities that they may not enjoy at other institutions. For example, with a faculty/student ratio of 1:12, Ottawa University engineering students have access to doctorate-level professors who know them by name and come alongside them in their degree pursuit. In addition, by helping students learn to understand people as well as systems, speak and write effectively, and look at things from multiple perspectives, Ottawa University ensures that graduates don’t become engineers stereotyped as poor communicators and collaborators.

Spirit Life, Student Ministries, & Student Development

Spirit Life is OUAZ’s high energy all campus gathering, consisting of great praise and worship music and messages from speakers who expound truth and life into the OUAZ family.

Student ministry at OUAZ continues to grow and respond to student interests and needs.  Ministry opportunities include ChurchU, YoungLife College, FCA, Praise & Worship, Bible Studies, Technical Team, Greeting Squad, and more.

Scholar Hall

OUAZ’s first on-site residence hall, Scholar Hall, was opened in Fall 2019. All rooms are suite-style and offer students exceptional living spaces right in the heart of the OUAZ campus. All members of the residential living team have been carefully selected based on their experiences, interests, and hearts that care for students.

Life in OUAZ housing is a unique college experience! Plan to take advantage of every opportunity to make as many friends and learn as much as you can. You will meet people from all over the United States and around the world, giving you the chance to learn about new cultures, customs and to share ideas.

Our goal is to provide a safe place to live, along with the opportunity to develop as a person, and make life-long friendships.

Personal Growth Days

OUAZ’s exclusive Personal Growth Day (PGD) Workshops offer value added preparation and training for life and work to OUAZ students. PGD’s differentiate OUAZ from other schools and enable students to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, as they gain knowledge and skills typically gained over many years after entering the full-time work force. PGD Workshops challenge and energize students with material from presenters who have lived what they are teaching. The format ensures students gain knowledge and skills to use immediately, while preparing for lives of significance post-graduation.

Phoenix Campus

As a pioneer in adult learning in the 1970’s, Ottawa began offering programs for working adults in Phoenix in 1977. Today’s adult learning campus - The Hays Center, named through planned giving after OU legend E. Earl “Sonny” and Betty A. Hays, is our 32,000-square-foot campus located along the I-17 corridor between Peoria and Dunlap Avenues, offering a wide range of Graduate and Undergraduate degree programs, in fields like Business, Communication, Education, Human Services, Psychology, Counseling, and more, including the rapidly growing international Executive MBA programs. A wide range of online programs are offered for those who prefer to study from home.

The Hays Center Campus consists of 23 classrooms, two computer labs, a student resource area and a vending machine area, as well as admissions, advising, business office, registration and student financial services.

Spirit Athletics

Provide support to one of the men's and women's athletic teams or to the competitive cheer and dance teams.

Competitive Club Sports

Provide support to one of the Competitive Club Sports Programs.

OUAZ Scholarship Funds

Provide your unrestricted gift that supports all OUAZ campus programs and operations.

Naming Opportunities

Listing of Naming Opportunities Amount  
Bricks $250  
Lockers $500  
Scholar Hall Suites $1,000 (82 available)
Scholar Hall Apartment $2,500  
Offices $2,500 (40 in Surprise and 30 in Phoenix)
Conference Room $5,000  
Spirit/Welcome Room $5,000  
Classrooms $5,000  
Large Classrooms $15,000 (12 in Surprise and 19 in Phoenix)
Study Rooms/Areas $10,000 (Student Union and O’Dell Center)
Walking Tracks $10,000 (2 available)
Laboratory Work Stations $10,000 (6 available)
Spirit Wall $15,000 (3 years)
Locker Rooms for Officials $25,000 (2 available)
Locker Rooms for Coaches $25,000 (2 available)
Auditorium $25,000 (1 in Surprise and 1 in Phoenix)
Concession Areas $25,000 (2 available)
Entryway lobbies $25,000 (6 available)
Spirit Fan Shop $25,000  
Courts $35,000 (3 available)
Competition Court $50,000  
Community Room $50,000  
Practice Fields $50,000 (2 available)
Academic Wings $75,000 (2 available)
Board Room/Private Dining $75,000  
Fitness Studios $75,000 (3 available)
Gymnasiums $100,000 (2 available)
Labs $100,000 (5 available)
Bleachers, Faith Arena $150,000  
OUAZ Alliance $150,000  
Conference Center $200,000  
Outdoor Patio $200,000  
Locker Rooms $250,000 (4 available)
Kitchen $250,000  
Scholar Hall Wings $250,000 (8 available)
Center for Enlightened Faith $250,000  
Spirit Hall of Fame $250,000  
Training Room $250,000  
Bleachers, Spirit Field $250,000  
Executive Suite $250,000  
Press Box $350,000  
Dining Hall $500,000  
Weight Room $500,000  
Competition Gymnasium & Spirit Life Venue $500,000  
Center for Personal & Spiritual Growth $600,000  
Spirit Field $1,000,000  
OUAZ Union $1,000,000  
Residence Hall $1,000,000  
First Building $1,000,000 (Administration & Academic Building)
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