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Art / PreK-12 Education Concentration | Undergraduate Degree Program

Art / PreK-12 Education Concentration

Ottawa University’s undergraduate degrees in Art will teach you how to use art as a means of visual communication. You will explore different media and techniques while developing your own talents in drawing, painting, design, sculpture and other varied crafts. Our courses will foster your individual creativity and cultural identity, as well as promote sensitivity, self-exploration, creativity and multicultural awareness as you study the significance of different works of art in various contexts.

Art / PreK-12 Education is offered at the following locations.

  • Ottawa, KS (Residential Campus)

Professional Licensure Disclosure

  • This program meets professional licensure requirements in certain states, as outlined on the University’s Licensure Disclosure page. Students are advised to verify that they are located (or plan to seek initial licensure) in a state where Ottawa University’s program meets requirements. Students who have questions about a program’s status should consult with an enrollment advisor. Those who relocate to another state during their course of study may no longer be eligible to enroll in the program or receive federal financial aid, and they may not meet licensure requirements in their state.

Education PreK-12 Licensure Courses

Required Courses

  • Technology for Educators
  • The Teaching Profession I
  • The Exceptional Child
  • Educational Psychology
  • Foundations of Schools in a Diverse Society
  • Secondary Methods and RICA
  • Specialized Methods/Practicum
  • Reflective Teaching & Action Research
  • Reflective Teaching & Action Research II
  • Elementary Student Teaching I
  • Secondary Student Teaching II


Art Licensure Content PreK-12

  • Photography | 
  • Fibers | 
  • Crafts | 
  • Art Fundamentals |
  • Art History I | 
  • Art History II | 
  • Drawing & Composition I |
  • Graphic Art | 
  • Painting I | 
  • Ceramics I | 
  • Computer Graphics | 
  • PreK-Elementary Art Methods | 
  • Middle School - Secondary Art Methods | 
  • Design II | 
  • Art Comprehensive | 
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University Accreditation

Ottawa University, as a whole, is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Specific degree programs within our institution have also been accredited by relevant bodies within the field:

We are proudly recognized for our commitment to student excellence by the following designations:

Why Choose Ottawa
Almost all courses in Ottawa University’s programs are available online and accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. We make it easy for you to transfer credits in order to help keep tuition costs down. We also offer courses in accelerated 8-week terms in order to reduce your time to completion. These are just a few of the reasons why we are proud to be the best, fastest, and most affordable option locally in the Kansas City, Milwaukee, and Phoenix areas, as well as serving students nationally through our online degrees.

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