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Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA)



The Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program is specifically design with professional students in mind.  This fully ground-based program, with Blackboard learning management system support, requires students to be on campus one weekend every 8 weeks.  Students participate in an Executive Practicum which allows them to apply what they are learning in the classroom to real-world, professional training.


  • Overland Park, KS
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Brookfield, WI


  • Executive Weekend Format:
    • One Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) every 8 weeks
    • Executive Practicum required for duration of degree program
    • Six contact weekends per year
    • Two year program


  • Five core courses
  • Six concentration courses
  • Capstone
  • Six Executive Practicum Semesters
  • Total of 42 Credits (36 coursework and 6 Executive Practicum)


  • Business Data Analytics
  • Health Care Management
  • Information Technology
  • Operational Effectiveness


  • Executive Practicum Requirement
  • Position related directly to student's degree
  • Minimum of 80 contact hours with the employer during each semester



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BUS 7000 Organizational Behavior and Theory

Examines human behavior as it impacts the work organization. Includes theoretical foundations of motivation, group dynamics,leadership, decision-making, satisfaction and performance.

Executive Practicum course also required.

BUS 7200 Value Systems & Professional Ethics

Studying personal and corporate value systems and decision making. Investigation of personal beliefs, purposes and attitudes, and their effects on self and others. Examines the ethical dimensions of organizational structures and practices.

Executive Practicum course also required.


BUS 7500 Managerial Economics

Applying economic theory to managerial decision making. Emphasis on both quantitative and qualitative application of microeconomic principles to business analysis.

Executive Practicum course also required.


BUS 7600 Managerial Finance

Applying the theories and tools used in financial decision making. Topics include present value and capital budgeting, financial analysis and forecasting, market efficiency, and capital structure.

Executive Practicum course also required.


BUS 7800 Management Accounting

Explores the use and application of accounting information for planning, control and decision making. Topics include cost analysis and allocation, budgeting, and behavioral aspects of accounting systems.

Executive Practicum course also required.

BUS 8500 Graduate Seminar: Business Policy and Strategy

Capstone course in which participants develop a major case study of business administration issues, programs and policies in a current organization. Draws from and utilizes concepts, theories, and skills developed in previous courses.

Prerequisite:  Completion of all core courses in the Executive Master of Business Administration program or approval of advisor.

Executive Practicum course also required.


BUS/IT 8701/8702 Executive Practicum(s)

Students participate in a seminar led by a faculty member.  Students are required to work a minimum of 5 hours per week in a training position related directly to their concentration.  Coursework in the seminar is directly tied to the performance of activities of a regularly scheduled employee in the field of their concentration and students must complete a minimum of 90 contact hours with the employer during the course of the practicum and its continuation (16 weeks).

EMBA Prerequisites

A prospective EMBA student who has not satisfied the preparatory course requirements should take at least one undergraduate accounting course and one economics course with a minimum letter grade of “C” for each, or complete the MBA Math course. The prerequisite course(s) must be completed prior to enrolling in BUS 7500 Managerial Economics and BUS 7800 Management Accounting. Note that BUS 7500 and BUS 7800 are also prerequisite courses for the BUS 7600 Managerial Finance course. Your Student Services Advisor will advise you about how to enroll in the MBA Math course should you require it.


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