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$500 Ottawa University Impact Scholarship

Do you know someone who might benefit from the Ottawa University experience?

As an Ottawa University alum, you are the perfect person to identify the type of bright, values-centered leader who will benefit from furthering their education.

That’s why we are giving you the opportunity to share the value of an Ottawa University degree with someone else by awarding a $500 scholarship to new students. You might have friends, relatives, or coworkers who are ready to advance in their careers and gain the confidence to go after their goals.

Help them take the next step.
These exclusive scholarships are only for Ottawa University alumni to award. You decide who receives them. So if you know someone who wants to earn their bachelor’s or master’s degree, tell us about them. You can award the Impact Scholarship to as many people as you like.

Only one scholarship per student. In order to receive the scholarship, nominees must be considered new students. Enrollment advisors will help determine eligibility.

NOTE:  Executive Graduate programs are excluded from qualification

Alumni Information
Enter as much information as possible about the referrer.

Student Information
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