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From the Dean


…is to transform individuals who transform the world through liberated inquiry, expression, reflection, and action.

From the Dean

Karen OhnesorgeDear Prospective Students:

While most people attend college in order to receive the training needed for successful careers, such an endeavor is built on a liberal arts foundation.  The School of Arts and Sciences is the centerpiece of liberal arts education at Ottawa University and provides students with the skills to think for themselves, acquire a global perspective and develop problem solving skills, all of which provide the foundation for any major chosen.  In other words the School of Arts and Sciences prepares students to not only excel in their chosen profession but to be lifelong learners.

With over half of the  fulltime faculty at Ottawa housed in Arts and Sciences it is no exaggeration to state that the School touches all students who attend Ottawa University in Kansas, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Online.  Our goal in promoting a liberal arts education is to teach students how to think and not tell them what to think.  As Judith Shapiro remarks a liberal arts education will make “the inside of your head to be an interesting place to spend the rest of your life." 

So I invite you to explore the many course options listed within the School of Arts and Sciences you will have the opportunity to learn in.  Then, proceed to investigate your particular major in which your liberal arts learning will open up possibilities and adventures that will transform you in to one who lives a life of significance.

In the OU Spirit,

Dr. Karen Ohnesorge
Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

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