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Starting Early with 21st Century Learning Skills

Starting Early with 21st Century Learning Skills



How early should 21st Century learning skills be taught to students? The team at Ottawa University’s Technology Club, part of the Information Sciences & Technology Institute believes as early as possible. Right before heading to summer break, a group of Ottawa University students from the Technology and Education programs hosted over 30 elementary students and parents from surrounding schools in Kansas during STEAM Camp Spring 2022.

The event kicked off with a welcome and introductions, for some students this will be their first time at a university. Thereafter, the fun began. Students learned to move robots and create a maze using shapes. It was not long before the students successfully guided their robots through the maze.


The 4 C’s skills of the 21st Century skills, which are critical thinking, creative thinking, communication and collaborating were visible throughout the day. 

Programs like this are at the heart of the ISTI, which mission is to create an environment for students to thrive and learn more about Information Sciences across all Ottawa campuses by using new technology, student organizations, and the expert knowledge of Technology Professionals. 

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Posted: 05/23/2022
Updated: 07/27/2022
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