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Department of Music

The Ottawa University Music Department is looking for new students to be a part of our growing program! Music scholarships are assigned based on a combination of musical ability and departmental need. Students are expected to demonstrate a high level of performance and musicianship skills in the audition through the performance of appropriately prepared repertoire and other audition elements. Whether you plan to major in music or something else, scholarships are available to help support your continued passion for and participation in music.

  • Video Prescreening for Jazz Studies is Available

Audition Material Recommendations

  • It is recommended that you perform something that represents you as an artist.

Traditional Instrumentalists and Vocals

Any music/repertoire you have prepared as a soloist for regional or state music ensemble is appropriate for your audition. You are not required to perform accompanied work. Should you choose to you may bring a music-minus-one play-along, or your own accompanist. With some notice we will try to provide an accompanist for you.

  • Instrumentalists should prepare two (2) contrasting excerpts from a solo, etude, or movement from a larger work. 

  • Vocalists should prepare two (2) contrasting songs. 

Jazz Studies Students

  • Three (3) contrasting jazz works from the American songbook.
    • One must ne a 12-bar blues.
    • You must state the melody and improvise 2 choruses.
  • In lieu of three (3) contrasting jazz works, you may elect to perform two (2) contrasting works and on transcription you have completed on your own.
    • Drum-set
      • In addition to the above, you must demonstrate how you mark the form, and be able to solo displaying your understanding of the melody. 
      • You must also work up varied feels (ideally in a seamless presentation).
      • Med Swing, Up Tempo Swing, Samba, Bossa, Ballard Brushes, Afro-Cuban 12/8, Reggae, Jazz Waltz, Shuffle, and anything you just love!
    • Bass
      • In addition to the above, you must demonstrate, walking, straight eighth and ballad accompanying.
    • Harmony (piano / guitar / vibes)
      • In addition to the above, you must demonstrate comping (as though you're accompanying a soloist). Consider also adding a solo work. 

Our upcoming Scholarship Days will be on:

  • TBD

We will offer both face-to-face and virtual options for this event. Be sure to RSVP below.

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What Major Are You Considering?



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