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Our partnership with Cerwise Education in China is designed to provide aspiring, working professionals with access to quality education, and to bring solutions to companies wishing to increase agility and ability to their workforce teams with modern skills and relevant education. The Master of Business Administration degree program was created for Cerwise Education and their students in China, allowing Chinese students to complete an American MBA in-country.

The degree is focused on Leadership Development and equips students with advanced knowledge of business and analysis, as well as decision-making and strategic thinking skills to prepare them for leadership. Graduates receive an MBA degree. It is a blended program that combines coursework offered by Cerwise Education and Ottawa University through an engaging, interactive platform. The program provides learners, who are frequently working adults, with the flexibility and personalized support they need, while assuring learning outcomes.

Currently, the Master of Business Administration program is available to students residing in China through the Cerwise Education partnership. Please click the link below for more details.

  • Master of Business Administration
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