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Department of Music

Ottawa University Jazz Festival

Ottawa University would love to welcome you and your student jazz ensemble to our campus to perform for and receive a clinic from nationally regarded jazz performers and pedagogues. We anticipate providing you with 30 minutes for performance, clinic, and set-up. A mid-day professional performance featuring OU faculty and our Guest Artist (to be announced at a later date) will be included as part of your day. Our aim is for this to be an inspirational and positive experience for all.


To register group and select your payment option (credit card or check) complete the form below.

Where should the bus unload?

Please refer to the provided campus map for details on parking and drop-off / pick-up. Students / instruments will be dropped off at 10th and Cedar Street.

Each group will be met by an Ottawa University Jazz Festival worker and escorted to a predetermined check in location.

How many songs do groups typically bring/perform on stage?

Each group is allotted 25 minutes on stage. Each group will determine how many songs are part of their set - some fill the time, while others play 10-15 minutes.

Will there be recognitions for soloists?

We will be acknowledging outstanding musicians. Most will be improvisers, but there will be other areas of outstanding musicianship.

Do you need judge scores?

No scores are needed for adjudicators until the clinic.

What instruments/percussion/amps will be available?

We will provide a piano, amps, vibraphone, and drums (no cymbals and likely no hi-hat clutch) will be provided.

Will there be risers for brass?

No risers will be available.

Will there be mics? If so, then how many and where will they be placed?

A variety of mics will be set up. Adjustments will be made for each ensemble as needed.

Can students listen to other groups?

Yes, this is highly encouraged. We simply ask that students only enter  the performance venue in between tunes or sets and keep voices down while inside.

Where is a good place in Ottawa to take students for lunch?

There are a variety of restaurants and fast-food eateries (all the usual suspects) near campus. Primetime Grille could likely accommodate a large gathering, as well as Applebee’s.

If you are interested in having your students in in the Gibson Student Center, Hetrick Bistro on campus, please let me know and we will provide more details. 

Please download this form, complete it and then upload at the link below.



Arts & Performances

There are currently no upcoming events.

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