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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Coming Fall 2021) | Undergraduate Degree Program

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Coming Fall 2021)



The Computer Science major was designed to allow students from diverse backgrounds to rapidly transition to computing and information system career paths. This degree program brings together the leading information technology degree programs on campus, so that students gain better exposure to more and wider-ranging computing and information science aspects. The program is designed to provide students with an option to choose a track of study to provide greater flexibility in shifting among different disciplines.

The future business environment in Kansas, and the nation will be characterized by rapid technological changes, intense global competition, faster product life cycles, and more complex, specialized markets. As such, the computing and information needs of organizations are increasingly complex and rapidly changing. Individuals with computing and information systems expertise can design and develop computer and information technology products, design and build information systems, manage sophisticated information resources, work on interdisciplinary teams, and communicate effectively within the organization and other end-users.

Pathways are expected to include:

  • Information Technology Systems
  • Gaming Design and Development
  • Cybersecurity

Why Ottawa?

With a rich academic tradition and supportive learning environment, Ottawa provides an educational experience well worth your time and money. Benefit from a close-knit community in a small-town setting that provides ample opportunity to meet new people and get involved while remaining within arm’s reach of the rich cultural, dining and shopping attractions of Kansas City and Lawrence.

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