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International Students

Ottawa University serves a variety of international students through our on-ground undergraduate, graduate and executive programs. Specific admission requirements are program-based, so please check with your advisor for specific details.

Offerings by Location

Undergraduate Offerings

An array of undergraduate program offerings are available at one of our two traditional residential campuses.

Graduate Offerings

Select graduate programs are offered at:

Graduate Cohort Offerings


Ottawa University

International Partnerships






Howell Management Services (HMS)



Success Institute of Higher Education and Professional Training Ltd

Room 902, 9F

Prosperity Centre

982 Canton Road

Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Phone: 852-3482-8241 or 852-3482-8251



Cerwise Education
Room 1701A-2
Building 8#,
Yard 1#,
Zhongguancun East Road,
Haidian District,
Beijing City,
P. R. China



 +91 020 67919400


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