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ITS - Information Technology Systems Concentration | Undergraduate Degree Program

ITS - Information Technology Systems Concentration


NEW Offering - Fall 2020

This concentration is a cohesive selection of courses that allows an area of specialization that is directly associated with the MIS major and consists of coursework beyond the core courses required in the MIS major. Concentration courses offered onsite will vary from campus to campus.

• It requires a minimum of 4 courses and a minimum of 12 upper-division semester credits. Requiring additional courses and course mix to complete a concentration is at the discretion of a specific campus but must be in keeping with the University policy.

• Half of the credits must be taken in residence at Ottawa University.

• A minimum grade of “C” is required for all courses.

• The concentration cannot contain courses also used for the major.


  1. Prepare students for employment in a Technology discipline or for graduate Technology studies.
  2. Provide students with theoretical knowledge and skills-based proficiencies in the Technology core principles of:
    • programming
    • hardware
    • data management
    • software analysis and design
  3. Provide students with fundamental knowledge of business administration and management so that graduates will be able to work productively within businesses and organizations.
  4. Develop interpersonal skills for accomplishing effectively on teams.
  5. Educate students about the social and ethical aspects of Technology.

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ITS 30044 - Advanced Database Systems*

ITS 33470 - Routing and Switching* (Former: Networking)

ITS 35505 - Production*

ITS 45566 - Advance Programming Techniques*

* denotes prerequisite course required

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