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A Mistake or a Golden Opportunity for a New Future?

A Mistake or a Golden Opportunity for a New Future?

The art of Kintsugi, a long-held Japanese tradition of restoring broken pottery by covering cracks and broken pieces with gold or silver powder and thereby increasing the value (Kyoko, 2020), bears an important lesson, one which warrants personal reflection as the New Year is upon us. How many of us can say we have sailed smoothly through life without any brokenness? I, for one, cannot. The key to surviving brokenness of any kind is what happens next, the next step(s). Only the person experiencing brokenness can set the course ahead – to overcome or be overcome. What could be possible in our lives if we approached our broken hopes and dreams in the same way as the art of Kintsugi, where mistakes and adverse events provided a means to higher potential rather than denial of planned destiny? Is it possible that your adversities have actually created possibilities not known or possible before? Our life path does not need to be a straight line of every hope and dream immediately becoming reality to bring about a meaningful life journey. 

It can be helpful to reflect on what has happened as a means to sort out disappointment, grief, fears and plot the best path ahead. A helpful tool in this process is the following:
1. Take a sheet of white copy paper and fold it in half                                                                                  2. On the front page of the folded paper, write at the top of the page, “How I See My Life Now”
3. On the inside left page, write at the top of the page “How I Wanted My Life to Be”
4. On the inside right page, write at the top of the page “How My Life Has Changed”                              5. On the back page of the folded paper, write at the top of the page, “How My Life Can Be Now”

On each of the pages use words and/or draw pictures to describe your thoughts and feelings in the areas of the topical headings. Take some time for honest reflection.

Life has too many paths and possibilities to allow any past event or present circumstance to block one’s route to destiny. Are you ready to exchange brokenness for a golden opportunity? Ottawa University can help…..


Kyoko, K. (2020). Kintsugi: The healing power of pottery repair


Posted: 01/02/2024
Updated: 01/02/2024 by Dr. Ruth L.M. Burkhart, DNP, MA, RN-BC, LPCC
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