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Jobs in Educational Technology

Jobs in Educational Technology

The digital age has revolutionized the way we live and work, and nearly every career field is continually evolving to take advantage of new technology as it emerges. Technology-based degrees have exploded! As such, EdTech masters degrees have gained enormous popularity as colleges and universities prepare the next generation of teaching professionals.

Technologies in the Classroom

Teachers committed to advancing their careers in today’s tech-savvy world should pursue a graduate degree in educational technology, such as Ottawa University’s online Master of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET). This degree is designed for educators who are passionate about technologies in the classroom that increase student engagement and learning. The program covers integrating best practices in curriculum and instruction, culturally responsive teaching, online learning/educational technology, online pedagogy, and curriculum development for blended and online delivery using the latest technologies.

Curriculum for Educational Technology

OU’s accelerated online MAET combines excellence in technological and teaching methodologies with foundational coursework. This program was skillfully designed to engage students in the growing career of educational technology by providing the skills and knowledge necessary to:

  • Evaluate learning technologies for their potential and appropriate use in a variety of educational settings and scenarios.
  • Integrate learning technologies into curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
  • Leverage appropriate learning technologies to meet the needs of a diverse learner population.
  • Extend learning beyond the classroom with blended and online modalities.
  • Develop standards-based, technology-supported learning environments and experiences.
  • Provide professional development for colleagues in schools, higher education institutions, or in business/non-profit environments regarding the implementation and use of learning technologies.
  • Lead and work with others to develop a vision for learning technology integration in their organizations, including ensuring access, acquiring resources, and equipping users to be successful with learning technologies.

Accelerated coursework for the 100% online MAET emphasizes self-directed, student-centered, project-based learning and a two-credit practicum serves to develop innovative leaders prepared to transform teaching and learning. Graduates will be able to utilize technologies in the classroom to support teaching and learning in a range of learning environments, and also develop deep understandings of how, when and why to integrate technology to support learning processes.

Jobs in Educational Technology

This online master’s degree helps students explore emerging trends, create their own professional learning network, consider global perspectives in learning technologies, evaluate the efficacy of learning technologies, engage with professionals in the field, and develop a personal portfolio to document and showcase their learning. Additionally, coursework is created for those who wish to find jobs in educational technology or advance their career in learning technologies. The program serves to benefit teachers in both K-12 and post-secondary settings, educational leaders, curriculum and technology specialists, software developers, corporate trainers, and others interested in the intersection of digital technologies and education.

The overall job outlook for the education technology field is projected to grow 11% through 2026. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including your education level. Ottawa University offers a number of methods for advancing your career. However, no one can argue against the wide variety of benefits afforded from earning an online degree.

Careers in Educational Technology

Ottawa is a pioneer in adult professional education, and has earned the prestigious Colleges of Distinction designation for delivering on four overarching distinctions: Student Engagement, Teaching, Community, and Outcomes. Take the first step toward starting a career in educational technology with the most prestigious online degree in Kansas City, Milwaukee, and Phoenix.

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Posted: 03/30/2021 by OU Online
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